Flex PMS data integrations: andcards

September 12, 2022

Ben Tannenbaum

With this article we bring the news that CoworkIntel have extended their list of flex PMS data integrations to include andcards! We're very excited to welcome andcards and its users onboard. Below we talk about:

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What is a flex PMS data integration?

Flex PMS data integrations allow operators to seamlessly connect their flexible workspace PMS (property management system) to professional market coworking data. Through a quick and easy connection between your PMS and your new CoworkIntel data dashboard, we aggregate your space, occupancy and rate data against our wealth of market insights, in the same environment.

This enables operators to directly compare their own performance data with that of their direct competitors, for contextual and relevant strategic visibility - that's also easy.

Why are flex PMS data integrations beneficial to coworking operators?

The integration means that internal operator data and market data are housed in the same place. This allows you to gauge your own performance against tailored competitive sets in your market.

Coworking and flexible workspace operators with the integration have granular coworking data & analytics at their fingertips to make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions. Access to market insights including pricing, supply and demand, tenants, web and social enables users to optimize strategy. Monitor rates, occupancy, different desk types, tenant mix and social and web performance for proactive and effective decision making to set yourself apart from your competition. Our users leverage our flex data to optimize rates across their portfolio, maximize occupancy, refine provision and operations, and assess and invest effectively with true market feedback. Seamless flex PMS data integrations ultimately bring unparalleled and relevant strategic visibility to operators efficiently.

andcards are really excited about the partnership with CoworkIntel because it unlocks more opportunities for andcards customers. Coworking operators using andcards already have access to all key performance indicators, such as bookings, payments, community engagement stats, and more, essential for their business.

andcards users can click to connect now for free.

By activating the CoworkIntel-andcards integration, the scope of available analytical insights grows even bigger. Managers will be able to easily compare business performance metrics to those of their competitors. A broader market overview will help operators seize growth opportunities more effectively and efficiently.

Which PMS are CoworkIntel integrated with?

If you are a user of one of the following PMS, your system already has an existing integration with CoworkIntel, and you can 'plug in' your data today:

  • OfficeRnD
  • Nexudus
  • Cobot
  • Pickspace
  • andcards

If not, but you are interested, you can access without a connection, or speak with your PMS to enable the integration.

Who are andcards?

andcards is a team of enthusiastic professionals who are in love with coworking, flexible workstyle, and technology. We are on the mission of helping flexible workspace operators from all over the globe create ideal environments for their members. To make this happen, we provide an easy-to-use platform that takes all administration burdens off managers' shoulders and makes the entire array of coworking space services instantly available to members right from their smartphones.

And now they're connected with CoworkIntel!

What the integration will bring to andcards users

First of all, the CoworkIntel - andcards integration brings huge time savings to coworking space operators. Instead of manually exporting, formatting, and preparing data for comparison, the integration does all that automatically. It just pulls necessary data from andcards in a comparable format acceptable by CoworkIntel. All that’s required from our customers is to connect andcards as a data source on the CoworkIntel dashboard.

We look forward to seeing you on a CoworkIntel dashboard soon!

Flex PMS data integrations: andcards
credit: clay banks