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We empower real estate investors, brokers, developers, coworking and workspace operators to make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions.

Comparable Set Report

Track your cowork performance data over time in a neutral and established manner. Compare your cowork’s performance to your comparables. The report also provides a deeper look into your coworks monthly performance and how it ranks to the ones of your comp set.


  • Your cowork’s performance compared to the performance of your comparable set
  • Monthly Occupancy, Revenue per Square Feet and Revenue Per Available & Occupied Workstation (RevPAW & RevPOW)
  • Data for the most recent month and the last twenty-four month if available
  • Segmentation by Services: Flex Desks, Fixed Desks, Teams and Meeting Rooms.
  • Monthly availability

Trend Report

Trend reports are based on the Comp Set data such as occupancy and achieved prices but aggregated at a broader level such as a whole city or country.


  • No individual cowork data is displayed in a Trend Report.
  • Report metrics include Occupancy, Revenue per Square Feet and Revenue Per Available & Occupied Workstation (RevPAW & RevPOW), revenue, supply and demand with year-over-year percentage changes.
  • Custom Trends are available to measure performance for a specified set of coworks.
  • Multiple options are available for report currency.


CoworkIntel is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides trusted intelligence services to the Coworking Industry.

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  • Supply Snapshot
  • Occupancy Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis