CoworkIntel debuts Find New Locations Feature

April 1, 2024


With growing demand for hybrid work solutions, operators are exploring ambitious expansion plans to offer flexible workspace. Some however struggle to find the right data to inform their growth strategies. Finding new locations has never been an exact science. But now it is. Introducing the Find New Locations feature on CoworkIntel.

• Use this feature to assess the profitability and overall viability of a location for your next flex venture.

• Benefits: Save time analyzing site-level information and get quick answers to growth opportunities.

Identify new space opportunities

CoworkIntel is now monitoring closed coworking locations. These are spaces that are previously operational – they are fully fitted, but currently closed due to lapsed or broken leases with the landlord. The spaces are “on the market” and available for new agreements, saving time and budget on fit out costs.

Spot pricing trends

Select your next location by price per desk trends. CoworkIntel now gives users the opportunity to identify how desk prices are trending in a specific market or area. Search by address, district, or city within a relevant area and forecast revenue more accurately and make specific investment cases for their next location.

Search location by demand

Users can now identify a new location based on demand data. CoworkIntel now offers city-level overview of flex demand. When expanding to a new market, users can now select a location within a market where demand thresholds align to their business requirements.

Assess market competition

Get a granular view of flex space supply by competitors in a specific area. CoworkIntel now provides insights on where competition is in a given market so users can determine which location can best compete and differentiate in that area.


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