Coworking and social media: How top flexible workspaces are engaging communities

August 31, 2021

Jade Tinsley

These days coworking and social media come hand in hand:
Coworking & Flexible workspaces are attracting renewed attention in the post-pandemic world, with existing operators as well as more traditional landlords striving to lean into the demand. Social media presence fuels the strong community that underpins a successful coworking space; but how can one measure and build on that strength?

CoworkIntel have compiled a report to analyse the efforts of coworking brands towards social media presence and how their audience engages with them online.

Firstly, we look at a social media engagement ranking by operator and a new metric called Flex Social Engagement Ratio aimed at understanding community engagement. Next we consider the breakdown by platform, and lastly, we explore a sample of the most successful posts from a selection of brands for inspiration.

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The coworking brands

We decided to focus on the following operators based on size and historical significance, in order to understand their progress with community engagement through social media:

  1. WeWork
  2. Industrious
  3. The Office Group
  4. Convene
  5. Spaces
  6. Mindspace
  7. JustCo
  8. Morning
  9. Wojo France
  10. Regus
  11. Factory Berlin
  12. Betahaus
  13. Awfis
  14. myHQ

Coworking and social media

*Top 13 operators, excluding WeWork

  • The analysis of 27,000 Flex operators’ social media posts shows us that on average operators are getting 99 instagram likes per post.
  • While WeWork is far ahead on all rankings, some much smaller spaces feature in the top 5 for some metrics. For example, Factory Berlin feature in the top 5 both for cumulative likes and biggest hits.
  • Some brands that have not been very present on social media have recently started to generate more engagement; as seen by the recent appearance of Regus in the top number of likes per post.
  • The Flex Social Engagement Ratio shows that it takes roughly 200 desks to get 1 like on Instagram.

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Social media for flexible workspaces has become more competitive

In 2020, the top 14 brands posted 2,692 times. An average of 192 post per company, and an increase 38% in 3 years. The relationship between coworking and social media has developed as the landscape has become more and more competitive for Flex Spaces.

Total posts shared by our top brands has steadily increased, helping to drive an exponential growth in brand awareness. In 2021 so far we see an average of 3K likes per post; mostly driven by industry leader WeWork, without whom the average likes per post stands at just 99 in 2021.

Coworking and social media by platform

Below is a summary ranking of top flexible workspace brands according to their performance on Instagram. Click to view a platform breakdown and more granular metrics in the full report.

Desks per like: the key metric to understand community engagement

In order to help coworking spaces understand their social media performance and improve their engagement versus competitors, we have created a social engagement ratio (one of many metrics available specific to you and your market through our tailored coworking data dashboard). The ratio is calculated as follows:

You can view ratios for top brands across Linkedin and Instagram, and much more, including more top posts like the one below in the full report.

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coworking and social media posts
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