The best coworking spaces in Paris

March 22, 2022

Jade Tinsley

CoworkIntel have built a coworking directory of the top flexible workspaces in cities across the globe. The directory isn't subjective but founded in data; based on the public review count and rating. The result is an unbiased ranking of the best coworking spaces around the world according to those using them. In this edition, we look at the best coworking spaces in Paris, France.

This directory, along with our coworking data solutions can further boost your success as a coworking space operator, landlord or broker.

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The Best Coworking Spaces in Paris

So here we go! Below are the top 5 coworking spaces in Paris according to ratings and review count - visit the full page here or click the images to visit a space:






So, Anticafé Républic comes in at number 5 in our directory, with a 4.6 Google rating based on 395 reviews. This puts Nuage Café just ahead, with the same rating but 428 reviews. WeWork makes its almost expected appearance in our top 5, in 3rd place. WeWork has gained a slightly lower rating (4.5) but more reviews (477). Second placed Anticafé Beaubourg is an even more extreme case: with a 4.3 rating it sits well behind its competitors in the top 5, but has notched up an impressive 707 reviews. Finally, HUBSY Arts et Métiers takes first place; the first of 3 HUBSY spaces within the top 20. WeWork also has 3 spaces featured, while 4 Anticafé flexible workspaces made the cut.

There's your top 5; see the rest...

The best coworking spaces in Paris by rating alone

Our overall look tells us which flexible workspaces are the best coworking spaces in Paris - so why do we need another look?

With the sector being young, some spaces may be new, with fewer reviews, but they're rating well. This list can give an early indication of those rising to the top of the pile - the more experienced hands may even have some things to learn!

  1. Miksi Coworking Paris 14e
  2. Coworking Paris Studios Singuliers
  3. Patchwork Nazareth
  4. Patchwork République
  5. Coworking - Work Mates

Notice that when we discount review numbers, our top 5 rated are completely different, which perhaps signals the amount of new growth in flexible workspaces, the promising nature of the stock and the mounting competition. Furthermore, all but 1 of our top 5 spaces hold the coveted 5 star Google rating. Coworking Paris Studios Singuliers has a 4.9 rating but 80 reviews. On average, these spaces have 52 reviews to their name.

So, still a respectable number of reviews, yet all with exceptional ratings - ones to watch?

Who needs a flexible workspace ranking?

Naturally, a ranking of coworking spaces is great news for users. Frequenters of flexible workspaces or those researching a new subscription are able to uncover the top contenders and base their decisions about where to work on data; user experience and consensus over guesswork.

Beyond that though, coworking operators themselves can better understand their space performance and drive positive change throughout their enterprise. Landlords of these flexible workspaces get a better sense of their operator potential and competitive landscape: useful for growth and acquisition. Brokers can also gain visibility over market options.

Coworking data - the big difference

All of this based on unimpeachable coworking data! Many other opportunities arise for flexible workspace operators, landlords and brokers from coworking data. Besides the cold hard facts of rankings, reviews and ratings, there are other actionable insights ready to guide effective decision-making. From optimizing pricing for new prospects and renewing clients, to boosting occupancy above your competitors. You can even understand those competitors, right down to their social media strategy - compete or identify the best investment choice. Whatever you're doing, do it with data.

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