The 2022 Coworking Directory & Flex Ranking Update

February 16, 2022

Jade Tinsley

Coworkintel has built a coworking directory of the top flexible workspaces in cities across the globe. The directory isn't subjective but founded in data; based on public reviews. The result is an unbiased ranking of the best coworking spaces around the world according to those using them - and guess what? It’s brand new and updated for 2022!

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How does the flex ranking work?

Using our global flex database, we are able to breakdown ratings and even review counts for each workspace. From there, we apply our flex ranking algorithm, which averages review score and count to position the spaces in each market by consumer opinion. Coworking data -> coworking ranking.

Why do we need a coworking directory?

Ascertaining a ranking for coworking spaces in each city, based on user reviews, has obvious benefits for the users themselves. Workers can shop the best flex experiences in any desired location and inform their decisions with real user feedback. Furthermore, landlords of coworking spaces can understand their competitive landscape and operational potential for effective growth and acquisition. Flex operators themselves can gain a better sense of their space performance in the context of their competition and drive positive change throughout their enterprise. There is also a use case for brokers in gaining visibility over market options. Overall, any stakeholder in the flex sector stands to benefit from some market clarity over provision and quality.


What’s new in the 2022 coworking directory?

In addition to updating our flex ranking based on the latest google ratings and reviews, we’re bringing some additional features to this year’s directory.

Coworking directory Rising Stars ranking

In addition to our existing ranking system, we’ve added a new tab to our coworking directory. Since our main system weights based on number of reviews, we wanted to also shine a light on those spaces who, while currently having a lower number of reviews, are receiving consistently high review scores. And so, the Rising Stars ranking highlights newer market contenders, which might be less established but are the ones to watch. See the rising stars in your market.

Flex Awards website badges

Building on the power of the coworking directory, we have created Flex Awards. The awards allocate badges to those spaces with high rankings in their market - 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, and Rising Star. The idea is that high-performing flex spaces can better benefit from the recognition of excellent reviews by installing the prestigious badge on their site for users to see - operators watch your inboxes!

The 2022 Coworking Directory & Flex Ranking Update

Example flex rankings

Here’s your first sneak peak of the new 2022 coworking directory, via the 2 biggest markets on the planet… New York City and London.

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Top coworking spaces in New York City

First, the top 5 coworking spaces in New York City in 2022 are:

  • Workville
  • WeWork - Sand St, Brooklyn
  • NeueHouse Madison Square
  • Greendesk - Office Space Brooklyn
  • WeWork - W 18th St

Take a look at the full flex rankings in New York here

Top Rising Stars in New York City

  • Jay Suites Madison Ave
  • 11 Desks
  • Quest 48 Wall Street
  • Jay Suites Midtown East
  • Corporate Suites NYC - Park Avenue South

Top coworking spaces in London

First, the top 5 coworking spaces in London in 2022 are:

  • WeWork Kings Cross
  • Signature by Regus - London Tower 42
  • Second Home Spitalfields
  • Netil House
  • Hunter Collective

Take a look at the full flex rankings in London here

Top Rising Stars in London

  • Central Working - White City
  • Landmark Office Space - Newman Street
  • Venture X Chiswick Park
  • HomeWork Putney
  • Runway East Borough Market

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